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Woke on Purpose Now

I truly enjoyed the episode with Cameron Chambers. I found myself agreeing out loud with Mr. Chambers. I have seen the growth in Woke By Accident Podcast and know first hand the work Jen W. Puts behind the scenes. Well done!


I like this show, I enjoy your episodes with the Forefront Host

To the point!

I love that you are short and to the point. You're giving just the facts with none of the fluff.


She had me at being the change she wanted to be!!! Not just talking the Talk makes this show more authentic. Loved it!!! Angel 🧜🏾‍♀️🦁

Woke by accident is a really good podcast I totally recommend it

Jen is really up on what’s happing in our community

Very informative podcast

This podcast is great. It keeps you up to date about the issue that the world faces. I look forward to hearing more!

Keep pushing!

Very informative and needed for the culture. I like how you add related sound bites that’s related to your topics. It kind of gives you the feel that you were there.

She says what I’m feeling , Dope !!!

I Love this Channel and we need a voice such as her . Keep us on our toes and Woke ✊🏾!!


A fresh and new perspective!